Data Sources and Legend

Market data comes from Bittrex API.

What's this good for? I like to watch where the spikes are happening so that I can keep an eye on price volatility. It's nice to know when to jump in on a cheap coin or find out in the early stages of a spike.

Definitions: 'type' is not very user friendly right now. But for instance, '10pcspike60min' is the incident tracker which watches for any spike of minimum 10% size over a 60-minute time interval.

Important Note: When an incident is no longer active - its status is no longer true - it becomes an inactive incident and goes into the history pile. Unfortunately, right now there isn't enough history to produce meaningful data. The near-future plan is to use this data to produce a 'frequent flier' list of coins which spike, and predictions of how high their spikes tend to be and where the buy-back-in points tend to sit.

Active and Recent Market Incidents

TypeMarketDirectionStartedLast ActiveCurrent PriceDuration
5pcspike15minETH-VEEUP 9.53%2018-06-20 13:24:01-07 @ 0.000036522018-06-20 13:25 @ 0.000040000.00004098 00:01
10pcspike60minETH-VEEUP 12.21%2018-06-20 13:24:01-07 @ 0.000036522018-06-20 13:26 @ 0.000040980.00004098 00:02
5pcspike15minBTC-CMCTDOWN 5.21%2018-06-20 13:18:02-07 @ 0.000008442018-06-20 13:24 @ 0.000008000.00000820 00:06
10pcspike60minBTC-GEOUP 10.10%2018-06-20 12:18:02-07 @ 0.000145912018-06-20 12:40 @ 0.000160650.00016066 00:22

If you've found this useful, and wish to donate, you're welcome to do so - it may hasten future development by convincing my wife that coding time is well spent.


If you wish to contact me, works - or you can reach me as grammaton76 either on Cryptosyndicate Slack or Recreational Nukes Slack.